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The 21st century requires people with the expertise to solve problems and to fill emerging jobs that did not previously exist. Elewa Academy offers short-term courses that will enable you to serve the global education sector, starting with Kenya.

The education sector needs content developers, instructional designers, curriculum designers, e-learning designers, teacher trainers among other skilled people. Our short-term courses enable you to quickly fill these roles.

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Our courses are targeted at developing specific skills and expertise that are immediately employable. It is worth your time!

Free Courses

Making a difference should be possible irrespective of economic status. We seek to empower as many young people as possible with employable skills.

Specialised Courses

We design courses to develop expertise that may be required in very specific contexts. No area is too small for us because all people are important to us.

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Collaborative Online Learning

Learn in a social way by participating in discussions with fellow course participants and course tutors. 

Our collaborative approach ensures that you demonstrate your understanding to others and see what they think. This approach fosters better lasting learning.

Micro Learning Lesson Design

Micro learning is about breaking down learning into small understandable lessons.

Micro lessons enable you to develop competence in a particular area and be able to execute, without necessarily having to learn all the other things in the course.

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Our courses are 100% market oriented, meaning we train from the perspective of what the market needs.

Skills gained from our courses are highly sought after by employers in education and other sectors. Even we at Elewa are always looking to engage successful course participants.

Our Instructors

Passionate education practitioners that are working everyday to improve education.

Our instructors are members of the global Elewa organisation. Everyday at Elewa, we are trying to solve problems, innovate and engage education stakeholders. We bring our expertise and passion into each of our courses.

Jancan Limo

Education Consultant

Jente Rosseel

Education Consultant

Mary Ngugi

Education Consultant

Mike Kipkorir Bill

Education Consultant

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